Story Game

You need to add to the story with something that fits

 Once upon a time there was a dog……..

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95 Comments on “Story Game”

  1. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    there was a dog that had a purple polka dotted tounge

  2. ericsgirl Says:

    who went to the vet and had a

  3. hunterofsnakes Says:


  4. hunterofsnakes Says:

    Once upon a time there was a dog……..there was a dog that had a purple polka dotted tounge. had green flip flops and red square ears

  5. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    and the flip flop broke thats why he went to the vet

  6. ericsgirl Says:

    and His square ears wiggled when he laughed

  7. ericsgirl Says:

    because the flip flop got stuck on his

  8. burnettebeauty09 Says:


  9. ericsgirl Says:

    The Vet said, WOW BOW

  10. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    and the dog tried to swalow and the flip flop got lodged in his…

  11. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    so when the vet went to unclogg it ..

  12. ericsgirl Says:

    the dog’s owner

  13. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    came in with..

  14. ericsgirl Says:

    a long pink and green

  15. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    and blue

  16. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    that was frozen to a..

  17. hunterofsnakes Says:


  18. hunterofsnakes Says:

    tied to a..

  19. ericsgirl Says:

    a big bunch of drum sticks 🙂

  20. hunterofsnakes Says:

    broke onto the dog and the dog died

  21. hunterofsnakes Says:

    The End

  22. hunterofsnakes Says:

    i know you are tiping

  23. ericsgirl Says:

    You cannot do that…….

    SYKE!!! The hose broke and the dog got wet and so did the

  24. hunterofsnakes Says:


  25. ericsgirl Says:

    writer, which was located on the

  26. hunterofsnakes Says:


  27. hunterofsnakes Says:

    office side

  28. ericsgirl Says:

    of the room which was also the

  29. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    hammock spot

  30. ericsgirl Says:

    where the veteranarian would

  31. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    pick out a

  32. ericsgirl Says:

    popper scooper and

  33. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    scoop up the mouse’s

  34. hunterofsnakes Says:


  35. ericsgirl Says:

    of gooey, pink and green

  36. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    bubblegum bubbles

  37. burnettebeauty09 Says:


  38. burnettebeauty09 Says:


  39. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    two footed pig

  40. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    grandaughter twice removed from the

  41. ericsgirl Says:

    Bubble Yum Gop of

  42. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    a one-eyed albino dolphin’s purple

  43. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    niece’s cousin

  44. burnettebeauty09 Says:


  45. hunterofsnakes Says:

    Come on you can’t end HERE!

  46. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    fine then you add something

  47. hunterofsnakes Says:


  48. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    umm okay

  49. hunterofsnakes Says:

    Story restarted. There once was a cow

  50. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    that had orange and purple polka-dots

  51. hunterofsnakes Says:

    and lived in a

  52. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    safety cone

  53. ericsgirl Says:

    but there was also a…

  54. hunterofsnakes Says:


  55. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    that lived in the saftey cone too so together they…

  56. Hunter Says:

    were sqeezed together

  57. ericsgirl Says:

    by God’s love and

  58. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    had a church service every sunday

  59. hunterofsnakes Says:

    and they inited others to squeezed together with them

  60. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    so that they could

  61. hunterofsnakes Says:

    gain less weight

  62. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    so that they could fit into

  63. hunterofsnakes Says:

    a small hole

  64. hunterofsnakes Says:

    that was in a

  65. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    bear’s cave

  66. hunter Says:

    full of

  67. Arielle Says:

    jumping daisy’s

  68. hunterofsnakes Says:

    that were filled with

  69. Arielle Says:

    expolding cows

  70. Austin Says:

    that um explode?? right?? but anyway they like bungee jumping in the rain

    P.S. this is my first blog ever WOO!!

    P.P.S. i like the word blog its fun to say and type blog blog blog blog bloooog bllogg blogblogblog………….blogblogblog:)

  71. ericsgirl Says:

    Welcome Austin is this drummer Austin? and Congrats on your first Blog post 🙂 Blog. blog. blog!


    “like there was no more…..”

  72. Arielle Says:

    it was my austin

  73. oasiscov Says:

    Laura had a type o 🙂
    Welcome Drummer Austin!!!!

  74. Arielle Says:

    i didnt get it the first time i thought she was saying dumber not drummer
    wow im slow

  75. Austin Says:

    thx everyone it is a blessing to play. Plus autographs are free (for the moment). Are we continuing the story??

  76. Arielle Says:

    yes oh smart one we will if you are done with your self reichesness

  77. ericsgirl Says:

    peanuts in the…….

  78. Arielle Says:

    exploding cows, peanuts in the _—that makes no sense

  79. ericsgirl Says:

    Look up a few you missed your brothers and my post.

    “exploding cows that um explode?? right?? but anyway they like bungee jumping in the rainli like there was no more

  80. Arielle Says:

    oh right
    …. in the

  81. Arielle Says:

    on the top of

  82. hunter Says:

    a singing

  83. Arielle Says:

    carrige that also

  84. hunterofsnakes Says:

    took rides on top of big

  85. Arielle Says:

    really big water buffalo

  86. hunterofsnakes Says:

    which had weird looking

  87. Arielle Says:

    growth on the side of her

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