Welcome To Project Blue Water! (Hunter)

Welcome, Here is a place for anybody no matter what age can chat about the things of the Lord. We live to serve God and fellowship with each other the things of the Lord! So here is a place to chat and fellowship with others so we can learn what God has put in your hearts and where you can learn from what God has put in our hearts as well.

Feel free to say what you want and lets get to know each other better! We would love to hear what God has put in your thoughts. So if you have a comment or belief of something we say feel free to open you mouth and talk!

Welcome to Project Blue Water!

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8 Comments on “Welcome To Project Blue Water! (Hunter)”

  1. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    ahahahahhahaha i got to comment your first!!!!

  2. hunterofsnakes Says:

    lol, that is so encouraging!

  3. hunterofsnakes Says:

    I’m becoming popular!

  4. burnettebeauty09 Says:

    cool does my picture show up?

  5. ericsgirl Says:

    Ok, I see you, what is that? a Monkey? LOL

  6. ericsgirl Says:

    We luv you Hunter ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I tell you, I think you have grown ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hunterofsnakes Says:

    Yes you did, on Sunday morning

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