Prayer Request

Please be praying for my Grandfather, whose Back is not feeling well. He really could use prayer, and I know he would deeply appreciate it.

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4 Comments on “Prayer Request”

  1. Jarred Says:

    Once again i have something going on like you.

    My father has a back problem and sometimes it doesn’t feel great .
    So he really needs prayers aswell sometimes.

    I shall pray for your grandfather.

    In Christ

  2. Thanks alot! I have not been on this site for quite a while, and his back is feeling great, yet there is something that has happened in the past week that has happened to him.
    His sister died who was from Texas and he has not been feeling good about that. He is acually heading towards Texas today and is feeling a little better, yet he is still suffering. This death was expected so it was not sudden.

    Thanks in advance for your prayers,

  3. Jarred Says:

    I know what its like to lose someone close.

    I have lost my dads father from a heart attack and a my grandmother on my mum’s side of the family in a car accident. She had alzheimer’s of some sort adn almost died once so when she went it was easy to let her go, i didnt even cry because i knew she was perfect in heaven. I was the only one who didnt cry for her. When everyone asked why i said “shes in heaven isn’t she rejoice for she is perfect” I couldnt believe what i said but then it made sense.

    In Christ


  4. Well for me, I have not had losses of close family since I was very young so I have been blessed so far. Yet to me, animals have been my largest losses, I know it seems quite funny, but to me Gods creation is important (although I go hunting). But the loss of my grandmother when I was very young, had a miricle to it, very neat story. She became a Christian right before she died, which was awesome, she would pray aloud when nobody was even around, which was really awesome. For every life there is an end, and a time for an end, which can be hard to accept for close family or friends that have not accepted Christ as their savior, such as one of my grandfathers who is 72.

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