Prayer For Missionary’s

When I read a book called “Jesus Freaks” I learned so much about what we take for granted.

There are Christians today who suffer for the sake of Christ. To bring faith into other country’s that make Churches, Bible’s, and even Christians Illegal. Even so we take for granted what horrific things happen to Missionary’s worldwide, to bring the gospel into other peoples lives. It’s been happening since Jesus was crucified. We should pray for those who are helping others get to know Christ. Many people now are being persecuted, Jailed, and even killed because they serve Christ.

So please keep them in your prayers.

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3 Comments on “Prayer For Missionary’s”

  1. Jarred Says:

    Hey found this site on the
    I also have read that book and found the same things you have.

    Great work keep it up.

  2. Yes, although that book was a hard book to read, hearing about those suffering for the sake of Christ, was a very benifitial book to read.

  3. Jarred Says:

    I agree

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