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Christ’s work in Unified Families.

December 12, 2007

This culture train those around that unity between parents and their childrenĀ  is unattainable! God’s plan is totally a different plan. There are time you may want to spread your wings and fly away from your parents, but God gave them to you for wisdom, encouragement , and yes at times correction. Value you their training, welcome it even when your flesh rises up against it. They are not your enemy! They are not perfect and they will make mistakes. “But where sin abound, grace abounds all the more” Give grace to your parents, it glorifies God when you and you will grow from these times.

I watched the video for “In a Little while” How great that a father and son can come together as friends and brothers in Christ for the soul purpose of glorifying God.

Enjoy, here is a link to the Video

Here is the CD they produced: In A Little While

Awesome Stuff šŸ˜‰