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Called? Run For It!

April 29, 2008

When I was young and my parents asked me to do something and I did not listen, what do you think they would do? They would count, 1, 2, 3 and then if I did not listen in time then I would get disciplined. But what happens when Christ asks us to do something? Do we do it, or do we wait, or do we run away from it? In this situation its not the same as 123. We should run immediately without doubt. Just to let you know, in some cases I am not the type to make a decision. If you asked me to pick from Ice cream or pie I would not answer immediately, decisions are my weak spot as far as I know.

Lets say that Christ called you to become a missionary in some country that might be Muslim or some other place that is unwelcome to Christians. What might be your first thought? Would it be that you might get killed or imprisoned? Or would it be a cheerful yes! I am Willing to do all that you command. Search your heart… What would you think or say? If God calls you to do something, run towards it! Run with cheerfulness and promptness not with sadness and weariness! This is important, obeying God might be difficult but it will increase your relationship with Christ and in the case of being a missionary, help bring people to Christ.

So if you are called by Christ to do something, run towards it and don’t let anything stop you. This reminds me of Eric Liddell who was called by Christ to be a missionary in a certain country. In that time he was a Olympic Runner in Scotland and he quit so he could become a missionary. He showed that he loved Christ so much he gave up his life as a very experienced athlete to serve Christ. As a result, he led many people to Christ in his career in the process. We should have a heart such as his, we should be able to give up everything for the sake of Christ.

So lets hope that, in the times that he asks us to do something that we do it with a cheerful and prompt Spirit.